When there is an emergency you need to know your phone will be answered 24 hours per day 7 days per week 365 days per year by an efficient professional.

We are trusted by private and government organisations, large and small to receive and manage the process of emergency calls precisely according to your protocols. With 18 years experience in the successful management of calls ranging from traffic accidents, people lost in the wilderness, driver complaints, mining emergencies, marine incidents, industrial incidents, and many others, our dedicated staff ensure procedures are swift and accurate to achieve the best outcomes in difficult situations.

When your phone rings, you receive absolute dedicated attention!

We will answer the phone in your business name. Take a record of the details of the caller, site, situation, agencies required and proceed to follow your specific procedures.

We can transfer the call to your on-call staff, send group SMS for team activations and confirm that your on-call staff/ team are responding. All processes documented and emailed to you as a report of the situation.

Our centre is equipped with back-up systems, including UPS, back-ups of servers, hot swappable telephone system, and auxiliary power supply to ensure we maintain operations during extreme conditions.

We take the responsibility of managing emergency calls very seriously.