Lone Worker – Personal Safety – Journey Management

Go Safe, Be Safe, Get Home Safe.

Most of the time nothing dangerous happens, but when it does fast assistance can be vital for survival. Assistance starts with notification!

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We bring to you, a software solution to personal safety, lone worker safety and journey management, whether you’re an individual, small, medium or large multi-national enterprise.

Our “Get Home Safe” safety app is uncomplicated, simple to use and cost effective. Monitored by our Australian Based monitoring station or available for in-house monitoring, it offers the solution to enhanced safety and security of workers, family and friends.

Features include:

  • Back to base monitoring 24/7 (optional).
  • In-house monitoring.
  • Live GPS location sharing (mobile coverage).
  • Cloud Sync – information backed up.
  • No battery, no coverage, it still works.
  • Estimated Time of Arrival check -ins.
  • Fail-safe overdue alerting.
  • Panic Alerts.
  • Reports – daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Duress PIN (silent alerts).
  • Regular Alerts (mobile coverage).
  • Note recording during a task or journey.
  • Wearable safety wristband integration/Panic Button.
  • No movement/person down alert.
  • SMS reminders, alerts.
  • Email Alerts.
  • Phone Call Alerts.
  • Plus many more features. Contact us for a full list.

If you prefer a person to person welfare/safety management system, we have 25 years successful experience keeping  people safe.

We’ll contact your staff according to the schedule you require or randomly to make sure they’re safe. We’ll initiate a text, If they don’t answer, we’ll call, and if still no answer, we’ll follow your escalation procedures to check on their safety.

Our multi-systems are created to ensure your staff are confirmed safe according to your intervals or assistance activated as required.